RULE (Rules & Procedures) &.

Explanation of the day's flow (described as per the order of progression)

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BEST12  1分1ムーブ

BEST6    1分2ムーブ


















・About Entry

Entries for all genres will be accepted at Universe on both days. Please come to Universe at the time of entry start time.


The order of performance will be decided by lottery at the time of entry.


・Qualifying Rules

Each dancer will perform in a 2-lane audition format of 40 seconds. (Two dancers will be asked to dance at the same time in the order of their performance).


Judges will select 12 contestants.


・Qualifying Tournament

The 12 qualifiers will battle.

BEST12 1 minute and 1 move

BEST6   1 minute 2moves

The 3 winners will advance to the Judges' Call-Out Battle.


Please note that the 6 remaining BEST6 may be called out again in the Judges' Call-Out.


・Judges call-out

The three winners of each genre will call out their judges and proceed to the tournament.


・Judge Battle

Three moves per minute will be used. The MC will then ask each dancer if they have won or lost. If both dancers choose to win, the first round will be judged by two judges who have not battled. If a draw is made, then it will be an audience judge and the winner will be determined by measuring the loudness of their voice with a measuring device located in the hall. The winner will advance to the semi-finals.

The winner of the third battle of the first round will call out the semifinalists from the BEST 6 remaining dancers of the preliminary tournament to determine the semifinal card.


There will be no judges' decisions after the semi-finals, and if both sides choose to win, the decision will be made immediately by audience judges.



Please be sure to follow the instructions of the staff.

Bringing or consuming alcoholic beverages is prohibited.

Please do not hang out, drink alcohol, or smoke outside the venue, and behave in a manner that respects manners and morals.